Gun control won’t help protect individuals… the government produces gun on a massive level… will gun control laws help stop war, or the invasions of this countries personal interests in gold or oil or opium what ever the interest their will be war, perhaps if every American could be armed the terrorism that this country projects onto other civilizations can be Balanced by the reflection of EVERY AMERICAN IS ARMED AND CAN PROTECT THEMSELVES, BECAUSE WHATS THE POLICE OFFICERS RESPONSE TIME TO THIS ATTACK… REMEMBER THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TOOK THIS GUY OFF THE TERRORIST WATCH LIST THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OVER SEEN THIS GUY BUYING GUNS… REMEMBER GUNS DON’T kill PEOPLE! People with vendettas kill people… people that are not heard kill people, how can thousands get killed every day our brothers our Suns our daughters out dads moms cousins who serve in the military die or kill by guns and that’s just fine but now it’s publicly construed into personal pain for serving the need to keep the rest of us American people HELP LESS… and dependant on the leaders for help… they have all the answers, but can’t answer completely… they can fix every problem, they just do patch jobs… gun control has to stop with waging wars… why were guns or why are guns made in the first place ??? ONLY FIR WAR NEEDS….

I want to be president

I thought home land security was set up to maintain these issues… I’ve witnessed the exact opposite. War is waged on their own people. Now Obama is attacking the second amendment! This is complete bull crap… it’s only a plot to strip the American people further of their rights. Perhaps our government covertly set up this Isis issue so our leaders have an excuse against it liberties… perhaps the leaders should stop their WARS, gun control… projection and reflection, doesn’t Isis reflect issues of our history? Using excuse after excuse to justify their actions, or political talking points… religious wars political wars chemical wars biological wars wats for opium trade routes cocaine wars prohibition ended the civil war ended the gold rush the federal reserve the department of Treasury the department of defense, all the over seeing departments and none seen this coming? I’m watching MSNBC LIVE. How did NSA CIA FBI OR HOME LAND SECURITY blindly stand by ? Or were these entities to busy treading on our freedoms and liberties our second amendment rights or our freedom of choice to participate in the chemical warfare that this nations leaders made possible to later imprison us with… slight of hand magik tricks to force the American people into a approval of MORE WAR MORE ABUSE MORE PUBLIC FUNDING TO TAKE ANOTHER 9 TRILLION LOAN OUT IN OUR NAMES SO THE LEADERS CAN HAVE THEIR WAY… THEIR WAY OF LIFE THEIR CONQUEST TO THEIR OWN LIBERTY. who taught every body in this world about war and religious discrimination or invading or immigration? WHO??? Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton need to be disqualified! Ted Cruz too! Separation of church and state, I bet if one of them victims in Orlando had a gun it wouldn’t have been SO ONE SIDED NOW WOULD IT HAVE BEEN??? OUR GOVERNMENT IS MAKING THEIR OWN PEOPLE NOTHING MORE THAN SITTING DUCKS, UNARMED CATTLE UNARMED SITTING DUCKS….